Monday, October 20, 2014

Stir and mix, mix and stir.

This was a cooking weekend.  I started with a vegetable soup, and moved on to another soup called Leathery Britches, this recipe coming from an old country cookbook.

Leathery Britches is a concoction of green beans (pioneer women dried them in the sun, giving them a 'leathery' look) potatoes, onions and salt pork or bacon.  However, I don't have to dry the beans, because my neighbor gave me a handful of fresh ones on Friday.  Is makes a wonderful hardy soup.  I added a handful of barley, just because I happen to like barley in my soups.

After cooking the Leathery Britches, I moved on to a package of cheesy bagels that I sliced in half and smeared spaghetti sauce across their open faces.  Then  I added onion, sliced black olives, and tomatoes making mini pizzas, that I baked in the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I topped these off with some cheddar cheese slices and returned the bagel pizzas to the oven till the cheese melted.

It turned out I had about half a can of spaghetti sauce left and I dumped that into a sauce pan, added a bit of water, threw in some shell pasta and cooked it till the pasta softened, finishing this dish by melting some cheese slices in it.  Don't judge me...this was an unexpected throw together kind of leftover thing....waste not, want not, right?

Finally, I lined up all my individual sized meal containers and started dumping.  Man, I'm not going to have to cook for a week, and have containers to put into the freezer as well.  Come to think of it, writing about all this food is making me hungry, I might have to go eat.

Aside from having a lot of good meals prepared, I have to let you know I did NOT hurt my wrist this time while packaging up the food.  I was very, VERY careful.  I'm still wearing an ace bandage from my last encounter with a heavy pot.  Oh, and speaking of bandages, you know how when you are wrapping them around your hand and wrist the beginning end is hard to keep in place?  I discovered a way to keep it from loosening.  I simply cut a hole in one end of the bandage and put my thumb through the hole...this keeps the bandage in place like you wouldn't believe.  How come I never thought of that before?  Better late than ever I suppose.

That pretty much sums up my cookin' weekend.  And, now I'm going to go eat.  What to eat first, hmmm pizza sounds good.

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