Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Days, I got nothing.

Today is one of those days, I've got nothing to say.  It is a typical, grey, wet, winter day.  Ugh!  I confess after the last two days it was pretty depressing to get up to find one of my patio chairs blown over, and the carpet disheveled on one patio while the other was, still is (once again) covered in autumn's dead oak leaves.  I was lulled into a sense that spring was on the way and then got slapped in the kisser with a wicked laugh from old man winter.

In the meantime, waiting for winter to pass, I'm studying Ezekiel and Jesus as my Bible study. Although I know a lot about Jesus, I'm very intrigued with what I'm learning about Ezekiel.  Frankly, years before when I read the Bible front to back...twice...I honestly didn't consider the people in it to be actual, living, people until I personally brought them to life.  Wow, they were one terrific group of people, they did amazing stuff.  I spend hours and hours researching and learning on the Net about these people.  As a result some days fly by and as an added benefit I'm managing to keep out of trouble.

In addition to having nothing to say, I'll make a confession.  I have not 'cooked', (honest to goodness) used my range and oven to prepare a meal 'cooked' meal since I moved in here.  I don't even know if my oven works.  And...I don't even care.  My kids used to kid me about not having a microwave oven.  And I would joke back by saying something like...."Yeah...well when you're glowing chartreuse green in the dark and I'm not, we'll see who's better off."  Now, my microwave is the only thing I use...well, except for frying an egg from time to time.  I'm seriously thinking about buying myself a much bigger and much better microwave that will cook even bigger and better stuff.

On the down-side of having nothing to say, it's that time of year AGAIN. Yep, I'm getting all my paperwork together to get my taxes done.  What is it they say, there are only two things you can count on...the first being death and the second taxes.  Well, at least death only comes once...those gosh darn taxes come around every year.  Just last week I got a letter from the state saying they are streamlining and will not be sending out instruction booklets and forms.  They want you to do everything on line...but, if you do want the instructions and forms, you have to download or print them out for yourself from their web-site; or as a last resort you can write to them and request they be sent to you via USPS.  The bottom line is, fill out the forms, dummy, on-line and submit.  I pity the older folks who don't have computers.

Now, on the up-side of having nothing to say, February is just around the bend and we will be finding out whether Punxsutawney Phil is going to bless us with an early spring or not.  Secretly, I'm hoping for an early spring.  Come on your thing.  Or, perhaps I should be talking to Whiskers J, who is our substitute for Phil.  Whiskers is our Zoo's weather forecaster, he's an adorable African Pygmy Hedgehog, who is dragged before the public every February 2nd to inform us if an early spring is coming...come on Whiskers!

There you have it folks, it's what I've got when I've got nothing. And, as Porky Pig used to say,
Th-Th-Th-Th-Th...That's all, Folks!

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