Friday, March 18, 2016

Boy, oh boy!

There is something in the air.  No, well yes, there really is but, that's not my problem.  I think something has bitten me, I'm all a twitter.  I know what it is!  It's a love bug.  OH, not the kind you're thinking. This is love of spring.

I see spring everywhere.

I smell spring everywhere.

I feel spring everywhere.

I hear spring everywhere.

I even touch spring everywhere.

It seems every day I see some new greenery popping up in my tiny garden, just a few days ago I noticed some new bulbs have broken ground, I think they are lilies of some sort but it is still too soon to tell. Yesterday I saw some tiny Tit Mouse birds stopping for a snack, thanks to my upstairs neighbor who is very good at keeping her feeders full. Then this morning I watched as the golf course gardener mowed the lawn.

It seems every day I smell spring.  Yes, what's better than the scent of freshly mowed grass?  A while later I was checking the potted plants on my patio and the odor of something very sweet reached my nostrils, it was my pink primrose.  I don't think I ever noticed how heavenly they smell.  Shoot, I even liked the smell of the dirt as I was weeding tiny starts of grass inching into my garden.

And, speaking of dirt.  I like the feel of dirt on my hands I don't even mind that it gets under my fingernails.  I like the feel of tree bark. Yesterday I did some trimming of my vine maple; I think bark has such interesting textures.  One of the branches was quite dead and the feel between the live and dead branch was quite stunning. The branches that were alive were smooth and moist, while the one that was dead was hard and brittle.  Chunks of it flaked off into my hand and larger pieces fell onto the ground as I sawed it off.

I hear spring in the sound of the birds; you know they sing differently this time of year.  Yesterday evening I heard the group of Mallards temporarily residing here quarrying over who was going to mate with whom.  I hear neighbors, we are beginning to leave our doors open and the sound of screen doors squeak open, and then shortly click shut. And, then of course, there is the noise of hustling/bustling riding mowers...coming close....then moving far.  I hear the greetings of golfers as they come to tee off, as "hello" and "how are you" abound.

I touch spring in the warmth of the arm of my patio chair as I sit in the sun.  I touch it as I plant a seedling cedar I found coming up by a sidewalk; along with the English Daisies I transplanted from the lawn here into my garden. I even touched it when I moved seedlings of Forget-me-nots and purple violets that came up in potted plants I brought from the place I used to live into a semi-shaded spot just off the patio.

Oh yes, I'm definitely in love with spring.

And my favorite love...the Mallard ducks that have found I'm a real softy when it comes to spring.  A few evenings ago they wandered close to my tiny garden, I raced into the apartment and crushed up some corn chips and threw them out so they could have an evening snack. They've been coming back ever since and have become so comfortable this morning as I threw open the door, there they sat, in the corner of my garden waiting for did they know breakfast would be coming?  Oh, I's spring.

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