Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wish I was there.

This morning Frankie and I were discussing places we've never been, and where we'd like to go.  A couple of days ago, either on Facebook, or perhaps my e-mail something was said about...wishing I was there.  I don't even remember who was doing the wishing or where it was they wanted to go, but it got me to thinking about the places I wish I was and I happened to share that with Frankie.

Me:  "Gee, Frankie, I wish I was in Wales today."
Frankie:  "Really?  I wish I was back in bed."
Me:  "You are such a 'wet blanket' all the time.  Can't you just for once get into the spirit of imagining?  It's not like I'm asking you to spend money, or put yourself out, or even expend much energy for crying out loud."
Frankie: (realizing I'm going to rant) "Okay, okay, where in Wales do you wish you were?"
Me:  (Taken aback) "Well, let's go check."

I drag her to the office, sit at the computer, and Google Wales.  I'm immediately smitten with a tiny little town called Tenby, located along the coast of southwest wales in an area knows as Pembrokeshire.  It sits on a hilltop where the remains of a castle and walled town can still be explored.  Parts of the town are very, very old, while the outer suburban areas are much more modern.  The older section has what appears to be the oldest surviving buildings and they gently curve around the bay, these buildings butt up against each other and are painted in lovely pastel colors of yellows, greens, blues, pinks and peaches that sparkle in the sunlight.

I think we will rent the Dragon Cottage for a month, and since it accommodates six adults, I believe Frankie and I will put the word out that should anyone like to join us, they will be welcome to stay with us there.

You have to realize this is a fairly small town, and there are not a great deal of activities, but we will take full advantage of all the historical places and points of interest in the immediate area. In particular, Carew Castle, Manorbier Castle, Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, Dinosaur Park, Manor House Wildlife Park and Upton Castle Gardens.  Then we will take time to peruse the countryside, where the custom of the UK seems to be having rock fences outlining each field, and I suspect owner property lines. Of course we will try all the local restaurants and enjoy local cuisine while trying to pick up as much of the language as we can, then spend the rest of the time relaxing in our beautiful Dragon Cottage.

Me:  "Frankie, to tell the truth, I don't even care if it rains the whole time we're there.  You are coming aren't you?"
Frankie:  "You bet, this has been a lot of fun.  Next time I get to pick a 'wish I was there' place, okay?  Can I pick anywhere I want?"
Me: (Delighted Frankie's actually shown an interest) "Sure thing."
Frankie:  "I wish you hadn't gotten rid of all those National Geographic Magazines when you put the house on the market."
Me:  "Me too, Frankie, me too."

Well, hind sight, is after all 20/20.

Where do you wish you were?

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