Monday, August 18, 2014


I'm sure you remember last month I followed my sister's vacation on the Internet. She had sent me a copy of her itinerary and every day I would go on-line and check out where she was and what she was doing and seeing.  I had myself a grand time without having to drag suitcases around.

While I was at it I made a scrapbook for my sister and myself, with pictures of everything I could find. When she got home I sent her copy to her.  I was surprised to find the book had over thirty pages printed front and back.  When she got her copy she called me and we spent over an hour going over what I had included in the book along with side notes of the things I liked the most.

She told me she had picked up some brochures and postcards and would send them to me, so that I should expect a package in the mail.  It arrived today.  Oh, the wonderful things in the package, I was amazed. Before sending the package she informed me I didn't have to send every/anything back to her and I could add them to my scrapbook.  Well, this package was amazing, it was loaded with brochures and postcards alright, but there were also amazing booklets, schedules of events and menus from restaurant.

I immediately called her and asked if she was sure she didn't want me to return some of these things and she reassured me, these were copies meant for me.  I can't believe all these treasure.  So, I'm sure you can imagine what I'm going to be doing today, yep, I'm going to devour every single article and then place them in the appropriate places in my Staycation scrap book.

I gotta' go now, time's a wastin'.

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