Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz

It's been a busy couple of days.

Friday I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to paint the three plastic chairs I have in my Harem Room in the garage.  I discovered they still had the blue 'moving tags on the back of them from when we moved up here from California.   No wonder they need a paint job.

I had discussed the fact I had wanted to paint them with my sister and she mentioned she had tried to paint something plastic once and the paint would not adhere to it.  Bummer.  However, and since I was disgusted with Zazzle and Gues Who in general I decided to take the day off and (at least try to) paint the chairs.

When I started the first one I realized, putting it on thinly was certainly not going to work.  Thank goodness I had a plentiful supply of paint left over from the benches.  So, I really slathered on the paint...I mean slathered.  It went on smooth as silk, but had a tendency to slide over certain sections of the chair, almost as though it was very oily and the paint would simply not adhere.  Well....was I going to stand for that?????  I don't think so.  As a result I spent quite a bit of time on the first chair trying to make the paint stick. 

Eventually it occurred to me perhaps I should let the paint kind of 'cure' and dry instead of increasing the amount of paint I was trying to apply.  Good thinking Sandra, very, very good thinking.

It was about this time my little neighbor friend Patrick showed up.  He had a small white butterfly net in his hand, and wanted to know if he could come in my yard to look for the "white ones with black dots".  I told him he could as long as he asked him mom (who was pulling weeds in her yard) if that would be okay with her.

Zoom, zoom, he was back.

Of course, as soon as he was inside the fence, he had more interest in my painting than butterflies of any sort.  He asked if he could help. 

I said "Oh, I don't think so, your mom would not be to thrilled if you came home covered in brown paint."

He contemplated that for a minute or so, but let it go, and proceeded to tell me all about the Ninja's show he watches.  My, my, my I discovered Ninja's can do all things, and in spectacular fashion. 

I asked what I thought were appropriate questions, and say wow, quite a bit.  At
one point I asked a question, to which he asked, "You want me to start at the beginning?"  I said, "Only if you want to."  I was told that would take a very long
time, so he just kept talking from where he was.   Butterflies long forgotten.

Some time later mom appeared, it was time for lunch.  He almost left his net behind.

I continued to paint...two chairs down, one to go.  By now the first chair was pretty much set and I could see quite easily the white spots showing through and did some touch-up painting.  I was such a happy camper to see the white areas disappear. 

I was just starting the third chair when Patrick, mom and baby sister returned from their lunch outing.  What the heck time was it?  I was wondering if he would return.  I suspect mom must have told him to leave me alone, because he did not come back to visit.

The third chair went rather quickly.  I had a system going.  When I was done, I did clean-up and waited for the last chair to cure.  By now the first chair was dry, and quite quickly I was able to do final touch-up to it.  The second chair was 'close enough' to being dry and I did that chair, too. 

Late afternoon, I completed the third chair, and left them to cure over night.

Yesterday morning, I called my neighbor and asked if she would like to come over for morning coffee...I wanted to show off my accomplishment.  She declined stating she had to go shopping. about the afternoon?  ...okey, dokey.  So, I call around the neighborhood and invite the happy hour ladies to come around three-ish. 

This meant I was going to have to 'spiffy up' the Harem Room.  Now I'm not just doing laundry, (which I was now going to hustle through) I was also multi-tasking, something I no longer do well. 

Tick tick...time is moving, w-a-y quicker than I want. 

Clean room, finish laundry, clean myself up for company, prepare finger food as snacks.

Will I make it?  By golly I did...just under the wire.  No kidding, I didn't even have the garage door up and some of the neighbors were coming up my drive. 

It was a delightful time.  We got to catch up on stuff, eat a few snacks, and simply enjoy each other's company.  Perhaps we can do this again before summer is over.

Anyway, this morning I guess I'm over my 'snit' with Zazzle, and I'm ready to get back to work at Gues Who.  I have a cousin who is going to turn 94 later this week, I want to make her a very special card today.

The last two day were pretty spectacular, I think I like spontaneity,  maybe I should get in a 'snit' more often, it adds spice to my life.

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