Saturday, July 20, 2013

Terrace Board.

Oh, yeah!!!

Project done!!!

How come nothing is ever easy?  Maybe I'm just old and don't think things though.  I guess if I were a landscaper or professional gardener this project would have been easy and gone well.

First and foremost, I was in the garage when I snapped the binding off the damn coil, released from its constraints it sprang out at me like a Cobra ready to attack.  Ack!  Ack, Ack!  Had I known, I'd have take the scissors with me and cut the binding at the construction site.  Oh, well.

Then, I didn't know from which end to begin work, but thanks to Lumosity,
and a bit of pondering, I was able to figure THAT out without the aide of an encyclopedia.  I started at the street end. 

Damn...I'm just like a I read the instructions?  Heck, no.  As a result I pounded the first stake in backwards.  Pounding something into the ground that's hard as concrete is hard, pulling something out is even harder.  Much sweating occurred.

Next I tried to unroll the coil and spread it out, thinking the sun would soften it a bit and make it more pliable.  Yeah, right.  I discovered forty feet is long, very, very long.  That board went on forever.  It was sprawled out like undulating waves approaching a beach.  I laid my stakes out at what appeared to me equal intervals so that I will I have a stake at either end.  Progress, whoo, hooo.  Of course I noticed right off I need way more than ten stakes...I could have used thirty more.  But thanks to a bundle of wooden stakes in my garage, I knew I could use them when the plastic one were gone.

Now, honest to goodness, it never occurred to me I should have leveled the ground, underneath where I want my Terrace Board to be.  So.........there are certain spots where I can see daylight under the board.  Do you think the grass will see that, too?

What the heck.  It's hot, and I'm the most under qualified person alive for this job, but I persevere.  Stretch board.  Pound in stake.  Crawl on hands and knees.   Stretch board...I'm sure you get the picture.

After much ado, I stand, wipe the grass and dirt from my knees and admire  my handiwork.  The board bends slightly in and out, because the fencing does, too. 
And, it kind of ripples in spots because as I mentioned before the ground is not even.  Still, I do think this is going to work...mostly...except where the grass is going to see that delicious daylight under the board and come calling on my daisies, evening primroses, klamathweed and yarrow.

Maybe I simply need to go out with a shovel and push some dirt around and cover up  those sneaky, airy,openings.  What?

Isn't that another project?  Picture me slapping myself silly.

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