Friday, July 19, 2013

What the heck is the matter with me?

I can't figure out (for the life of me) why I keep coming up with projects. 

Moved planter bricks.  Check.
Built low retaining wall.  Check.
Extended front garden.  Check
Got rid of front yard mound.  Check
Planted new shrubs.  Check
Got my park benches back.  Check.
Drug them to front yard.  Check.
Painted said benches.  Check.
Painted plastic lawn chairs.  Check.

End of chores for the summer, right?

Oh, no!  My neighbor, the one that got the new BBQer, (so far it's been used once) is not one to do much outdoor labor.  I can count on one hand the number of times he has mowed their lawn.  What ever! His lawn, his labor.  (Here comes the) BUT he does not edge, I don't think he even owns an edger.

So, I've been going up over my retaining wall and yard fencing from time to time to pull the grass away from my garden.  I purposely covered my new garden with newspaper before moving the dirt, because I knew the grass underneath would not grow.  I did not take into consideration my neighbor's grass would inch between the slats of my fencing and overtake my garden.  Well, dang it to heck and back, it does.

By now I'm sick and tired of having to hop over my retaining wall and yard fencing to do this job.  Plus Frankie is on my case every time I do because she's afraid I will be 'clutzy', stub my toe on the edge of the fencing and land hard on the other side.  She makes a good point I am clumsy.  Plus my frustration with this particular chore is building, building, building.

A friend and neighbor of mine earlier in the week had decided to go shopping yesterday, and while I was compiling my list, it occurred to me my favorite store has a nursery department and I decided to see if I couldn't find something to help hold the grass at bay.  And, lo, there on a shelf, neatly bundled, was roll of 3"x40', brown, flexible, Terrace Board.  (Needs 10 stakes, sold separately.)  By golly, I know this will work.  The grass will still continue to grow, but it will have to grow straight up, and the solid border will make the grass much more easy to pull...If indeed I care to do that.  Of course, since I'm a glass half full, rose colored glasses kind of gal, I'm hoping my neighbor will go on the net and pick himself up a cheap edger, now that my Terrace Board will make his edging job very, very easy.  Time will tell.

Anyway, I was sure my summer projects had been completed, and I could put my feet up (under my shady umbrella, lounging on my newly painted bench), read a book and have a tall bottle of icy water at least til the end of September.  But, this brings me back to my original question.  What the heck is the matter with me?  Must I always have something need be done?  Why am I so sure some other project will rear it's ugly head befor the season's over? 

Shoot, I'm almost wishing for the calm and tranquility of winter. Oh, never mind...then there will be indoor projects. 

Should I start a list now?

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