Monday, September 22, 2014


.....we have any saltine crackers?  It's Frankie.

I try to ignore her, I've been involved with being creative for a couple of weeks now, and I've been on a roll.  I don't like being interrupted when I'm in the middle of an idea or a plan.

Frankie:  Did you hear me?  Do we have any crackers?

I don't respond.  Seriously, if we had crackers, wouldn't they be in plain sight, right where they always are.  I keep working, cut and paste, cut and paste, change background, there, that looks better.

Frankie:  (jiggling my chair)  Crackers?  Crackers!  I'm looking for crackers.

I whirl around and give her 'the look', the one that says, "I've reached my limit, go away, go away now."

Frankie looks at me with that innocent expression of  "What, what, what did I do?"

I resolve to speak in as calm a voice as possible.  "Frankie, can't you see I'm involved with something?  I'm at work, can't crackers wait, or can't you look for something else to eat."

She gives me pout, I've obviously hurt her feelings.

Me:  "Frankie, if we had saltine crackers, they would be on the shelf they always are when we have saltine crackers.  Are there any there?"
Frankie:  "No."
Me: "Then I guess we don't have any saltine crackers."
Frankie:  "Well, we don't have much else either.  When are you going to 'grocery shop'?"
Me:  "I don't know, a couple of days maybe."

I return to my project, Frankie still hovers.  I cooked quite a few entrees a couple of days ago and there are lots of leftovers in the fridge and I remind Frankie of this.  She grumbles but finally leaves the office.

I regret jumping all over Frankie, but, here's the thing.  Creative people are strange, freaky, weird, unusual, oddballs.  We can blankly stare into space for creepy lengths of time, or hurriedly write a jumble of words on to the tiniest piece of paper that ends up looking like some kind of language from outer space.  Trust me, at moments like this it is best to leave the creative person alone.

Which is why I was in such a grumble with Frankie.  Seriously, she has lived here long enough to know there are times I need to be alone with my thoughts and my nimble fingers as they create magic on my computer screen.  The last thing to concern me is saltine crackers and if we have any...or not.

But, now my train of thought has been disturbed, and I can't seem  to get saltine crackers out of my mind.  I wish we had saltine crackers, they would taste so good with some peanut butter smeared across the top of them.

Dang it, Frankie!

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