Friday, September 5, 2014

September morning

All of a sudden, magic happened.  

It is a perfect September morning.

It's supposed to get up to ninety degrees today, I'm certain that will be true.

The east wind is blowing.

The sky is crystal blue. Not one cloud, not even a wisp of one is on 
the horizon.  If I could throw a rock high enough I'm sure I could 
shatter the sky.

The sun shining on the avocado green leaves are sparkly, and rippling like the tide as the breeze meanders through the branches of the trees.

I wish I was a poet.

Oh...a falling leaf, it's yellow...I suspect it grew tired of 'hanging on'.

Shadows are longer as the sun has already sauntered southward.

I'm savoring every warm, comfortable, relaxing second today has to offer.

Birds cheep.  They, too, know it's September.

Spider webs abound.

Roses wane.

I wish I was a poet. 

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