Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I swear,

I can see the grass growing.  No joke, I think I can.  Remember a while back I mentioned how awfully sad my front yard looked, and how I really, really studied it and discovered microscopic green hidden deep within the brown?  And, how that gave me hope I was not going to have to reseed the whole thing.

Well, guess what?  This morning I threw open the living room drapes, and opened one of the windows just a sliver, to get some fresh air to filter through the house and I was stunned.  There, (I swear) I could see hints of green throughout the yard.  Seriously!

There were always some spots where the yard stayed green all summer, you know, the parts that never had direct sunlight, so when I saw all the itty, bitty green running through the lawn this morning I thought I was going 'nuts'.  This couldn't be, could it?

I'm not exactly sure why this surprised me so, because I have plants that can grow as much as a foot overnight during the summer, like my hops, and the wild honeysuckle my neighbor grows around her deck lattice work fencing.  Oh, and of  course the wild blackberry vines, too, they are notorious. Maybe it was because I just love nature's little surprises.  Anyway, I had the urge to do those delightful squeals Emogene Coca used to do on the the Sid Caesar Saturday night "Your Show of Shows".  And, I just might, if for no other reason than because I can.

Anyway, I'm glad it is still raining this morning.  I'm even glad people are a little late for work, because the freeways and streets are slick and oily and drivers have to slow down.  I'm glad the freezing level is coming down, and I'm glad the edjukated metrolgists are saying maybe, just maybe there might be snow on the mountain.

But, most of all I'm glad to see the itty, bitty green coming up in my yard.  Such a wonderful surprise.

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again.  I'm singing, I'm singing in the rain."

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