Monday, September 29, 2014

Mr, Goldberg (fictitious name)

I got to thinking this morning about a man I knew in the days of my advertising career, and of the morning a friend of mine informed me he had passed away.

I'll call him Mr Goldberg.  He was a buyer/department manager of the men's/boys, women's shoes Budget Store, in the town's exclusive 'upper class' store.  In all the years I worked in the advertising department he was my favorite buyer.  He was short in stature, an older gentleman, and had a gold tooth that shined like sunlight when he smiled and spoke. He was (of course) Jewish, and that is not meant in a derogatory way, but in a way meant to make him even more endearing.  He wore silk suits, and beautiful ties, with tie tacks and cuff links that matched. He was ever a fashion plate.  He smelled good, too.

Mr. Goldberg was my source for high heeled shoes.  Since I have such a small foot when a new shipment of shoes arrived they always had #4 Sample Size shoes, and Mr. Goldberg set them aside for me.  With my having 'first choice' at the shoes, and my employee discount I had a shoe collection bar none, in colors for every outfit I owned.  It's good to know somebody on the 'inside', so to speak.

Mr. Goldberg was amazing.  He wore a white gold diamond ring, with many sparkling stones, I admired it greatly.  So much so he would occasionally allow me to wear it.  Oh, it weighted heavily, and was much to big for my fingers, so I did not wear it often, or for a long period of time because I didn't want to lose it, but the fact he trusted me to wear it at all speaks to the kind of person that he was. 

He was always tardy when it came time to bring his copy and merchandise to me for the ads he wanted to run, but because he was so dear, I was never frustrated about it.  I knew eventually he would show up, arms laden with merchandise and his hallmark greeting of Sa, sa, sa, sa-andy.  We would discuss what kind of layout he wanted, and generally I would comply, we were pretty lucky when it came to selling his wares. We made a good team.

So, when he learned I was moving to California, of all the folks I worked with he was the one who wrote a glowing letter of introduction and recommendation for me.  I still have it to this day.  And, of all the people I worked with all those years, he is the one I missed the most.  As a result, on the day I heard of his passing, I was saddened. But, then the vision of him showing up to my cubical, clothes in his arms, gold tooth shining, diamond ring glistening, Sa-sa-sa-sa-andy passing through his lips, I was comforted and I know I will see him again, some day. Maybe, just maybe I'll get to wear that ring again.

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