Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The wind bows down the gorge

So far late fall has been brutal with below normal temperatures and wind...lots of wind blowing down the gorge.  Yesterday the high temperature hovered around 30 degrees, and when the wind blew...well, I didn't even want to go get the mail.  I did, eventually, but I hustled myself back up the driveway holding myself tightly trying to ward off the wind gusts. I didn't even have to give Zorro his 'come' command, he raced after me all by himself.

Back in the house I stood in front of the freestanding fireplace for a couple of minutes to warm up.  I was expecting company and kept the blood flowing by dusting and vacuuming and cleaning never came...however, house cleaning is never a bad thing whether company is coming or not, and my blood was flowing.

However, I did manage to break one of my lovely long fingernails in the process of dusting, and I had to trim all of them back...bummer...because I was hoping to have nails to 'die for' for the holidays, they would have been beautiful with a couple of coats of bright red polish. Here's the thing, when my nails are long I hold my fingers in a different position while typing from how I hold them when they are short.  As a result this morning I'm having a hard time diverting back to short nail position, I'm making waaaaaaay to many typing errors this morning.  But at the rate my nails grow, it won't be long till they are long and beautiful again...too bad my hands don't match the nails.  They, are never pretty and look like a map of Europe that has bluish rivers meandering hither and yon through the countries. Seriously...the backs of my hands are gross.  Sometimes I throw my arms straight up into the air, just to make them (the rivers) disappear for a few seconds so I can remember how the back of my hands used to look.

Too bad ladies don't wear gloves anymore...I'd have them on all the time especially when I go out in public.  Oh, and those lovely parasols, ladies always carried parasols, with lacy fringes.  Seriously, were they not lovely?  Somehow umbrellas don't have the same demure affect.  Sigh.

What I could use today...this some muffs.  You know, the ones women tucked their hands into when they walked their village street, and some hats that had tall brims, feathers and bows that tied under their chins.  Sigh, we used to be so classy.  Now, it's sweat suits, hoodies, baseball caps or knitted ones, and cheap, usually easily lost mittens.  But, then again, I guess it doesn't matter what we wear when that wind blows down the gorge..."Ain't no 'mout of clothes can keep out THAT kind of cold."

....hmmmmm, hummmmm, deeee, dummmmm....."Button up your overcoat, when the wind blows free, take good care of yourself, you belong to me.  Eat an apple every day, get to bed by three, take good care of yourself, you belong to me."  Yes, when the wind blows down the gorge, take care of belong to me.

Please don 't construe this blog as complaining about the cold, it's not, it's life here in the Pacific Northwest.  You either love it or you leave it, and it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon.

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