Friday, January 9, 2015

When all else fails... the directions.

Several years ago I decided it was time to get rid of my decaying three season porch and I called my contractor telling him I wanted it torn down, and replaced with a room I could use year round...I refer to it as my morning room.

I suggested he remove the sliding door and kitchen window and open the room up in that 'simple manner', but he said he could 'do better'.  So, I left the construction in his capable hands (I always do), and as he cut, sawed, hammered and nailed, I retired to my office to work.

As a final addition to my new room, I asked him to find a free standing, electric, black, fireplace to supply the heat.  The one we chose is lovely, and for several years the artificial logs provided a lovely, soft glow to the room.

Then, last year, the logs went dark.  I searched out my instruction booklet, and discovered the logs lighting was provided by 'chandler style bulbs', which (of course) I did not have on hand.  However, on my next shopping trip I did buy a package of them to replace what I suspected to be a burned out bulb.

Again, I checked my instruction booklet and learned it was best to replace all the bulbs at the same time.  Thank goodness I purchased a four pack of bulbs.  I sat about unscrewing the proper screws to gain access to the old bulbs, removing and replacing them with the new ones.  I reassembled the fireplace and flipped the switch...nothing happened.  I spent the next hour or so trying this and that in attempts to make the fireplace logs light up, all to no avail.

Sigh.  I decided as long as the heater and fan worked I could live without the magical logs. Sigh.

Two days ago I had occasion to pull out the instruction book, determined to discover what I had done wrong ever so long ago when I tried to replace the bulbs.  This time, I not only looked at the pictures, but did read the instructions...word for word...line by line...

guess what?

I learned there are not two (2) light bulbs making the logs work, but three (3).  Yes, three!!! The third one secretly hidden away at the top, and under the inside lip of the fireplace.  I was instructed to pull down the little compartment, and there behind the metal was an old fashioned style, clear, Christmas Tree light bulb.  Son of a gun!  Oh, I had a devil of a time extracting the bulb. I could have used yesterday's tiny Pixie fingers to remove it. However, eventually I managed to unscrew it, and since I'm a saver (not hoarder) of everything, I happen to have a tiny box filled with old fashioned Christmas Tree bulbs. I chose an orange colored one, and screwed it into the socket.

Giddy with accomplishment I shoved the fireplace plug into an outlet...and...there was light. Yes sir, buddy, my little fireplace had three brand new bulbs, and glowed just like in the good old days.  I was one happy camper.  And, what did I learn?  It really does help, when all else fails, to (finally) read the instructions.

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