Monday, February 23, 2015

50 things!

Since I've been looking at retirement complexes for Rambling Old Women, I happened to check into a popular company that advertises they will help a person find 'a place for mom'.  I'm getting e-mail from them.  Don't get me wrong, so far every place I've checked into has been wonderful, and since I am a novice at this business I appreciate all the information I've been receiving by phone, e-mail and 'snail mail' as well.  Truth be told, I'm loving this experience.

But, I'm starting to digress...again.


This morning I got an e-mail from one of these places that suggests I read their article titled something like 50 things to do to stay young.  I thought, "what the heck", and clicked on the article. Yep, there it was a list of things to do.  I began to scroll down through the list.

I was surprised to see there are some I've already done, like try an unusual food, frog legs and escargot for instance.  Also, since I frequently work with paper while doing art work, I tend to color and doodle while waiting for inspiration to wop me upside the head.  I also tend to make paper airplanes from the scraps of doodled paper, some of which easily sail all the way across my living room.

Of course, there are more normal things I've done, and do as well, such as eat cookies with milk, watch sunrises and sunsets, and play hide and seek with Zorro...I got him good one day last week.

There was on the list a few things I know I won't do, like ride in a hot air balloon (I've seen what happens when a ride goes bad).  I also will not go on a boat ride (water terrifies me).

Surprisingly, there are some items on the list I want to do, like, write words to a song and make up a secret code.  I want to wear a funny hat in public...perhaps one of those I made a couple years ago.  I'd like to (actually) get out of my comfort zone and try something scary...perhaps climb a ladder and sit on the peak of my roof.

Then again, I guess I don't need a list.  I've got plenty going on in my daily routine what with Frankie, Zorro and CC living with me.  I never know what to expect day by day.  Or, like my daughter and I say "Age is just a number."  They come, they go. Today is the oldest I've ever been and I feel quite lucky because this morning I woke up on the up-side of the sod.

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