Friday, February 6, 2015

Losing control

Oh, yeah, I've completely lost control.  I like to think I'm a pretty organized person. My house is reasonably tidy, as are my cupboards and closets, though there might be dust covering the furniture and there are a few spiderwebs in the corners of the door frames, I will get to them eventually.

Here's the thing.  This morning I was looking for two hand drawn pictures, they were both of butterflies.  I wanted to find them in order to start a new project for an item in my store.  I thought I knew exactly where they were, and went to that spot.  Guess what...neither picture was where they were supposed to be.  So, I began to search the next best places I thought they might be.

You guessed it, I couldn't find those two butterfly pictures, anywhere...I'm talking anywhere.  The more I looked, the more ridiculous this particular mystery became.   I began to giggle.  I went back to the place I knew they should be, I must have overlooked them in the file.  Nope, they simply are not there.  Then I thought perhaps I had already made a file of them on my computer, labeled "Butterflies" yeah, that's the ticket; I was sure I would find them.  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Okay, I have to stay calm, the office is small, there aren't that many places to look. Every binder has a label, every box (though not labeled) is committed to memory, I know exactly what is in each one. As a result I know for instance pictures will not be in art supplies, or the boxes filled with 'stuff' I've purchased from my favorite craft stores so I need not waste time looking in them.  And, I begin a methodical search of the binders and boxes I might have accidentally misfiled the missing pictures. After two hours of searching, I've given up.  Sigh!

When I started my little company, everything had a place, and everything was properly in it. However, over the years binders have been added, additional boxes have been bought, 100 file folders have filled the boxes. Truth be told, I've not a clue where half the stuff I've bought, made, or even thought about could be in the jumble of what as become my office.

As a result, if ever find those missing butterfly pictures (there's a 50/50 chance I never will) I'm sure I won't even remember why I was looking for them in the first place.  Sigh!

Oh, yeah, I've completely lost control.

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