Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Toot, toot, Three

Riding the rails


Riding the Rails

Okay, so it's getting late and we are contemplating dinner. Turns out Tall Dude's name is Max, and heavy set woman is Rosy, (she used to be an accountant, but got bored sitting behind a desk) so she decided it was time for a drastic change, and here she is. We are all grateful...she has Spam...yep, two whole cans. And, lucky for us, Marie picked up a bag of Bugles (is that spelled right?) while shopping for things to put in our bindles. For those who always scoffed at my plastic utensil collection, they will be scoffing no more as they are coming in quite handy at the moment. Fortunately Tall Dude had the foresight to bring bottled water enough for all, although personally I could go for a double shot Jim Beam on the rocks for warmin' MY 'innards'. All the dogs are getting along well and are piled in the corner of the car like a huge pile of fluffy rags. Ernie, bless him, brought a battery operated lamp, and as soon as it gets dark we will have a little light and card game til bedtime. We will reach Cheyenne sometime tomorrow. Pleasant dreams all.
Arrived here in Cheyenne late this morning, we are not going to be here long, so have decided to split up to get things done quickly in order to be back before the train leaves.  I’ve been assigned the job of staying in the car to look after everyone’s things, in case we are found out and get bounced.   Marie and Ernie are going shopping; please, please bring back some instant coffee and toilet paper.   Rosy is going to try to find a nice, big, bucket and hopefully some kind of a lid with a hole in it…if you get my drift.   And, Tall Dude (Max), although personally I like the Tall Dude label, and Linda are walking the dogs.  Another day of adventure has begun.                                                                                                                    .                                                                                                                
We are all back to the place temporarily called home.  Everyone had success with their errands.  The train will be leaving soon.  Cheyenne is a lovely place, quaint…at present the temperature is 57 degrees, and it’s partly sunny.  Marie and Ernie did great shopping…instant coffee, even though it might not always be hot, will be welcome.  I remember as a girl scout we made little stoves out of big tomato juice cans, and I’m wondering if we might be able to do something like that to cook a few things, like hobo coffee.  Hmmm, Tall Dude has a Swiss Army Knife, wonder if he could and would be up to that task.  Dinner is looking better for this evening, several cans of stew were purchased, and Marie picked up ‘sticky buns’ for breakfast.  Yummy.  Although Linda complained about the cold this morning, the day has really turned out to be lovely.  Maybe she will stop nagging me about not taking the southern route.  I asked Ernie how come he knows so much about life on the road, and he said because he had been a long haul trucker most of his life…laughed, saying he’d hauled freight and ‘ass’ all over the interstates; but, never actually got to see America, and is finally doing that.  I have to say, except for the towns and cities we go through, where the rails seem not to go through the more lovely parts, taking the train is even better than the back roads.  We’re pulling out, more to come.

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