Monday, September 2, 2013

Toot, toot, two

Keeping in mind my beloved Times Square, NYC and the fact it is in the process of being renovated, I've decided (with urging from Frankie) to reprint my boxcar trip to the 'bestest' place in the world.  Here is the second installment of that grand adventure.
Riding the rails
Riding the Rails

Arrived in Ogden, 46 degrees, partly cloudy. Suggested to Ernie we find a place for brunch...he laughed??? Anyway, since we have some time and 'freight' (not cargo) has to be removed from cars, we found a place called No Frills Diner...really IS no frills, but got rave review from Ernie. He ordered Adam and Eve on a raft, "with their eyes open", while I ordered something your seldom see on a menu Alligator bait. Our "Biscuit thrower" was the best.
While we were eating a dear friend came up to the table. Marie looked a bit frazzled, and a little worse for wear, but it was nice to see her. Sunday she informed me she would like to be on this adventure too, so she was up all night making arrangements, and catching flights. Well, gotta go, Ernie wants to take us shopping before returning to the Yard. Seems we need a 'bindle' and 'bindle stick'...who knew?
We're back at the railroad yard, waiting for Linda and Tall Dude to show up. Ernie says we have to keep an eye out for the Bull and the Yardman, cause if we get caught it's the end of our grand adventure. Just then the train started to move. Well, this can't be happening...where the heck is Linda? Not good, not good.
The train is lumbering, and slowly moving along and beginning to pick up speed. My heart's in my mouth as Linda, Tall Dude and a heavy set woman come around the back end of a nearby train.
Heavy Set Woman is pretty quick, light, on her feet and reaches the boxcar first, Ernie heaves her into the car. Tall Dude grabs stumbling, tumbling Linda by the clothes at the nape of her neck and kind of tosses her like a bale of hay, and she lands in a heap on the car floor. Finally, he gracefully swings himself into the car and we all are on our way to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Bye, bye, Ogden.

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