Thursday, February 4, 2016

Don't worry...

...this is not going to be a sermon.

I like to study the Bible.  I've been doing it seriously for quite a while now, I've an excellent teacher, and we’ve been studying for about ten years.  I happen to have a four in one Bible and also an independent one and I use them all.

What I find fascinating is each one has the same books, the same chapters and the same verses. What I find even more fascinating is that each verse virtually says the same thing, but each Bible frequently uses different words to say that 'same thing.' 

Take for instance this morning the word MEDITATE was mentioned in the study.  What does it mean to meditate?  Hmmm!  I decided to see how my five versions of the Bible used this word in a particular verse. One actually used the word 'meditate', one said 'ponder', two used the word 'practice', while the last was a little wordy and stated 'put these abilities to work'.  Yet, when I read the complete verse they were all used in the proper context.  So, I guess the meaning justifies the end, or does the end justify the means?  I've not a clue.

What really surprises me is on some occasions all five versions of my Bibles will use the exact same word in a particular verse...and I have to wonder every single time why that particular word in that particular verse was so important they chose not to change it.  One instance would be the word 'overshadow' it is used exactly the same in that one verse in all five versions. Why is overshadow such an important word each Bible chose not to change it?

There are of course other instances where the words are exact, but mostly the versions will alter the words from time to time.  I'm not exactly sure what my point is, except that (perhaps, maybe, possibly, conceivably, perchance) all our religions are not that different since we all use the same book for the way we should live, love, laugh and be happy.

And that's my meditation for today.

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