Friday, February 5, 2016

There arose such a clatter...

...yesterday afternoon it scared the wits out of Frankie, Zorro and CC.

Not long ago I discovered I needed more bookcases, so I went to the Internet and found two that would perfectly fit my needs.  They arrived late Monday evening.  Of course I got very excited, and immediately set about constructing the smaller of the two.  Frankie went into a snit, she hates when I go into my 'construction mode'.

Did I care?  No.  Soon the living room floor was covered with slats of fake black wood grain finished particle board.  Oh, and a plastic bag filled with various hardware.  I was in heaven.  My tool box by my side I began to assemble first one side and top of the case, and then the bottom and the last side. I was surprised how quickly it went. I nailed the cardboard back into place and added the shelves.

Frankie had to admit this project went well, and although she would not get herself off the sofa to help me move it, at least she was not pouting anymore.  I could hardly wait for morning to bring in my flatware (not silver) chest to put on one of the shelves.

Next morning, Frankie stayed away most of the day, and while my granddaughter dusted furniture, swept, and washed the floors I tackled the second, five shelf bookcase.  One of the sides had cracked during shipping and I briefly considered packing the thing up and sending it from whence it came.  But the carton it came in was pretty much destroyed so, I got my super/tacky glue and let it set up for a while.

I figured the glue patch job would be, (as my husband used to say) "Close enough for who it's for." And, I proceeded with my construction.

Frankly, I was glad Frankie was not here, as she would have had a 'snit' times two.  Anyhoo, by the time I was ready to attach the cracked side the glue had set and I was ready to attach it to the rest of the bookcase.  My granddaughter helped me set it upright and we walked it
to its permanent home. (I do intend to buy some finishing nails and permanently attach the shelves to the sides for extra strength.)

You know that old saying that "Pride goeth before a fall", it comes.  Yesterday afternoon, I was ready to put things on my new bookcases shelves.  The first being my flatware (not silver) chest.  I bippity bopped myself down to my garage, withdrew the chest from it moving container and bippity bopped myself back to my apartment.  I was soooooooooooo, excited.  I ripped the paper I had wrapped it in loose, picked the box up by the side handles and gave a shake.  However in my haste I neglected to notice the box was---------------up-----------side-----------down.

Oh--------my--------word--------there arose such a--------------clatter! Knives, forks, spoons and serving pieces splattered across the dining area floor!  It was a clatter splatter...splatter clatter.

Frankie jumped to her feet!  Zorro ran and hid!  And, I've no idea what happened to CC!

I worried that one of my neighbors might have called 911, but I'm pleased to report they did not.

Now you can picture me sitting on the floor putting all that flatware (not silver) back into the chest.

Frankie, of course is tsk, tsking me all the while.  Zorro finally got brave enough to come sniff about to see all is well, but CC is still nowhere around.

I finally get the chest back in order and I tell everybody this time the box is upside right and walk over to the bookcase to put the chest on a shelf.  Picture the blood draining from my face.


It was an inch and a half to wide.  I could have and I wanted to scream, but didn't.  After having made such a clatter I knew a scream would not be helpful.  Frankie thought this was terribly amusing, which didn't help at all because I wanted to spit tacks, they at least would have been helpful to strengthen my cracked bookcase.

I eventually found a place for the flatware chest so I'm a happy camper even though my bookcase purchases didn't turn out exactly the way I intended. However, with all those empty shelves I think I just might visit some on-line book stores.  Wadjathink?

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