Thursday, February 18, 2016


Silly...goofy, nonsensical, wacky, zany, funny.  That kind of describes my family.  Yesterday afternoon was a good example.

As I've mentioned in past blogs, my apartment faces a golf course and I love it.  Every day is a new adventure.  I already have my favorite golf cart, and my favorite threesome of golfers.  I'm not sure I will ever decide to learn how to play, but one of my daughters bought me a used 'putter' and a bag of slightly dinged golf balls...just in case I might want to explore and use the putting green.

I've not used either the putter or the balls until yesterday.

After lunch, my grandson, grand-daughter and I were sitting on my patio and the subject of golf came up.  My grand-daughter eventually brought out my putter and the golf balls, along with some of my small plastic storage containers.  She decided we were going to play golf on my patio.  My grandson had to leave while the course was being set up, but my grand-daughter was already trying to hit a ball into one of the 'cups'.  Obviously we were going to have to set up some kind of rules. They were quite simple.  'If the ball went into a cup and stayed, you got one point.  If the ball went in but rolled out you got half a point.

It turned out that the three or four original cups were not enough so my grand-daughter brought out several more.  Then, we decided we would have 'par' for each cup (one-two-or three).  Thus began the play.  She skunked me royal.  We discovered my patio slab slopes which sent some of our balls rolling to spots that made making a shot impossible...and that happened to me A LOT.  I tended to 'slice' to the right.

We laughed and giggled, then my grand-daughter thought her mom might like to play, too and she gave her a call to come early to pick her up and to play a round of golf with us.  Before long she arrived with another of my grandsons.  More laughter and giggles ensued.

Now, the golf course has been a landing place for geese all winter, and a gaggle of them appeared while we were playing.  My daughter for quite some time has wanted a goose to simply roam their property, and with the geese so close by the conversation naturally became that of how we could capture one of the golf course geese. I suggested a grocery paper bag.  This was followed by a round of laughter.  Next, my daughter suggested a pillow case which we all thought was a terrific idea; plus
I have a lot of them and could certainly spare one if a goose came close.

Of course the geese were quite far away, and the only folks allowed on the course are 'actual' golfers we started thinking of ways to lure the geese closer to my patio.  Well, it turns out my daughter has a secret talent.  She can honk like a goose.  No kidding, this girl can honk like nobody's business.  We got hysterical!  She honked and honked till her throat hurt.  But did those geese come closer?  Nope. They would turn their heads and look, but I think they suspected we had a nefarious agenda and moved farther away.

This silly golf game continued until it was time they had to head home, and we never did bag a goose.  However, we decide this was not time wasted, was a lot of fun and something to do again, soon.

Who knew a single used putter and a dozen or so slightly dinged golf balls could provide so much entertainment. Even better it's nice to be part of a silly family willing to play golf on a patio, honking like a goose, and trying to entice one into pillowcase all at the same time.

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