Thursday, February 11, 2016

I swear...

...I heard a robin singing this morning.  I didn't see it, but I'm sure he/she was letting me know that spring is definitely on the way.  Oh happy day.

I've had white, purple and yellow crocus blooming for a couple of weeks now, and this week with the temperatures pushing 60 the heads of my daffodil buds have begun to bend over getting ready to open.  In addition one of my potted primroses is blooming as well.  Even some of the tulips have begun to get brave enough to push through the soil.

Yesterday afternoon, as my granddaughter and I were walking home from lunch, at the local Sonics Drive-in, she discovered another sign of spring, a pussy-willow tree covered with soft grey kittens.  It was so, so pretty.  She even plucked one and stuck it into her jacket pocket. The sky was a different shade of blue as well, heralding the promise of warmer weather and soon visual proof of chartreuse buds on all the deciduous trees.  Can you tell I'm a very happy camper?

Backing up a bit, as I was speaking of Sonics Drive-in, eating there was a first for both of us.  I was not sure what to expect, and (silly me) I tried to walk in to be seated.  Giggle, giggle.  You don't go in to sit! So, we ordered from the outdoor menu in the seating area and enjoyed our lunch out there. Unfortunately we will be limited on our visits there because of weather and temperature, but we do intend to return often...probably most frequently in summer.  We were delightfully surprised at the quality of the food.  Oh, my gosh, my burger was deee-licious.  The ingredients actually overflowed the edge of the bun, and it was so juicy it ran out of the bun, onto my hand and down my wrist.

The visit to Sonics took me w-a-a-a-y back to my teenage years when we would go across the street from our high school to the local drive-in for a plate of french fries with gravy.  We didn't do that very often because we didn't have the money.  Although, one spring day we might pass on taking the school bus home, pull together all the money we had then head across the street to share a plate of fries; then leisurely walk down the hill to home.  Ahhh, fun times, fun times.

And now I will come full circle and back to the beginning of this blog.  I swear I heard a robin sing this morning...spring IS coming.  Oh, happy, happy day.

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