Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A River Runs Through It, Part Two

Back in January I wrote a posting about painting my living room carpet.  Yes, if you are new to my blog, I did say paint my carpet.  It's old, and is actually two carpets (the kind you used to be able to buy to cover your bath room floor, they were made so you could cut around your toilet, and stuff, so you could have wall to wall carpet in there).

Anyway, I had bought two of them I chocolate brown and placed them on my living room floor, holding them, where they together at the seam with duct tape.  This worked great until last year, when the skid free backing began to decay and the carpets began to slip and slide around.  And the duct tape lost its grip allowing the 'seam' to fray and a kind of river opened up along the edges.  So, brilliant mind that I have I decided to nail down the carpets and paint the open 'river' with chocolate brown crafting paint.

Oh, boy, was that a mistake, it didn't match AT ALL, so I tried a different shade of brown.  THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER.  I tried a different shade.  Oh, brother.  I finally took a larger, wet, brush and tried to blend the browns together, Yuck.  Hence...I now have a brown river running through the middle of my living room.

It's awful.  I immediately began looking through catalogs and at web sites trying to find new carpeting for my living room.  In particular I was looking for those wonderful 'cut to fit' bath room kind.  I looked everywhere and could find none.  Oh, I could find 5x8 and 6x8 carpets but they averaged about a hundred bucks a piece and you know me, I'm cheap...'er frugal, and would never, ever pay that kind of money for a carpet.

So, I've been putting up with the river.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I'm terribly disgusted with my living room, and I'm sick, sick, sick of looking at that dumb brown river.  I've simply got to find those wall to wall bath room carpets.  Back to the computer I go.  This time instead of typing in 5x8 rugs, I typed in exactly what I was looking for. 

Bathroom wall to wall carpet. 


Guess what came up?  Several sites with my bathroom carpets, one of which was of all places Amazon.  A site I had already checked months ago, when all I could find were carpets at prices I could not afford.  This time, I found them 5x6 and 5x8, cut to fit bathroom carpets in various colors for the reasonable price of 49 bucks a piece.

Okay, you can picture me dancing about, jumping up and down, laughing and squeezing Frankie until she thought she was going to die.  She thought I'd gone bonkers.  Well, I kind of did!!!

Needless to say, (immediately, I'm talking quick like a bunny) I logged in to my account, punched in (2), clicked purchase with one click...and my new carpets should be delivered between the 16th and 20th of the month.  Woooooooo, hoooooooo!
No more brown river running through my living room.  This time I ordered them in a sage green...oh, buddy, I can hardly wait.

However, I do have one small, itsy, bitsy problem.  I've now got to remove all those nails I have pounded into the floor in order to remove the old carpets.  That sounds kind of like a weekend job for sure.  Sigh.

Ain't it always something?  Yep, it's always something.

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