Friday, April 25, 2014

Edjukated Metrolgists

So, them edjukated metrolgists are at it again.  Boy oh boy, I'm so excited I could jump up, down and all around.  They told me this morning Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week are going to be "like summer".  Yep, she said Tuesday could possibly hit 80 degrees.  She was not confident enough to actually put 80 on her graph, but she was bold enough to put a 79 there.  And, as for clouds those three days there  Seriously?  Seriously!

Would I joke about a thing like that?

It looks as though I might be able to throw open every single window in my house next week and get rid of the stale winter air I've been breathing for months.  I'm so excited.  It's going to be great.  I might not even work those three days, but hang out (outside) reading and drinking iced coffee.  We might even get to do our Bible study sitting on the park lovely that would be.  Oh, the joy of it all.

And, that swampy area in my back yard.  It might have the chance to dry up.  No more muddy foot marks when I get back into the house.  I've been keeping up with the weeding between showers, but I suspect the warm temperatures will bring up a whole new batch of them, and I'll be able to stock up on some good natural vitamin D while I set about yanking them out.

Gosh, I can't believe how excited the prospect of being outside is making me.  Come on down your thing.  Oh, maybe I can even have breakfast alfresco on my patio, I have groceries coming tomorrow, and I'll have a supply of sweet treats, or maybe I'll splurge and have bacon and eggs.  Whoooeeeee. 

Now I suppose you think I'm being silly about a little sunshine, and warm temperatures, but when you consider I've not had warm toes since last mid-October, you can perhaps understand how important next week is going to be.

Of course, I do have to deal with those dang edjukated metrolgists and you all know how I feel about them.  The scale of balance is not in their favor when it comes to being right.  If they let me down I might have to spit tacks, scream bloody murder and pull my hair out...(what's left of it). 

You hear me edjukated let me down and I'm going to be hurting, I made a doll that looks like you, and (trust me) I'm going to put a hex on you if you let me down.

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