Friday, May 30, 2014

Have you ever been 'stuck on something'?

Well I have.  Ever since I wrote my Blog yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about things people used to say that people don't (so much) anymore.  Like for instance, 'well, ain't that a fine how do you do'.  This was so much on my mind I started to write a list, so here for your reading enjoyment is the list of the sayings I remember coming and going in my lifetime.

Isn't that just honkie-dorry?

Well, isn't that a fine kettle of fish?

Have you ever 'jumped from the frying pan right into the fire'.

Or, had a job turn out so easy, 'It was like shooting fish in a barrel'.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle, or perhaps, well, I'll be a Son of a Gun.

And, You can bet your sweet bippy on that!

Yeah, well, so's yu'r ole' man.

Here's one I've heard two different ways,  Ain't that the cat's meow, or ain't that the cat's pajamas.  (Like cats wear pajamas!)  (Well, these days, maybe some do.)

Remember those mornings when you awoke and felt 'fine as frog's hair', or 'fit as fiddle'?

Have you ever been angry enough to want to 'punch somebody in the 'snoot' 'or, 'punch their lights out'?

Or, done something so stupid you could 'kiss those sweet patooties goodbye'?

"Holy Mackerel!"

Or, perhaps you had something hit you like of 'ton of bricks', or a 'streak of lighting'.

I've even spent time, lots of time, looking for a 'what-not' and a 'thing-a-ma-jig', have you?

What the heck is a 'wa-cha-ma-callit'?

And, on occasion, I've had more fun than 'a barrel full of monkeys'.

Did you ever 'squeak by' on 'the seat of your pants'?

Maybe, you boss told you to keep it short...'like kissing your brother'.

Of course there were times when you were supposed to 'save it for a rainy day'.

Or, do you remember how hard it was to 'wait until the cows come home'.

Don't that just put 'a wrinkle in your sheets'?

And, one of my favorites; "Don't worry honey. 'It'll get better before you get married'."

Has anybody ever told you to 'get off your high horse' before they knock you off?

Well, I guess I'd better stop 'chawin' at ya', and 'git' ta gittin', 'a-fore the sun goes down'.

So, Till next time, "Just keep a laughin' and a scratchin."

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