Monday, May 5, 2014

Let It Go, I'm a fixer Upper

Okay, so here's the thing.   Over the weekend, Saturday to be exact, my grandson and I decided to watch a movie.  So he sprawled out on the sofa, I curled up in a chair, and we watched a movie rented from my good old cable company.

The movie we chose was Frozen, simply because neither of us had ever seen it, and because of all the praise and laurels heaped upon it.  After all, we'd been out of the loop long enough, it was time we learned what all the Hoop-la was about.

So many people have said it was the 'best movie ever'.  I had to see for myself.
Remember, I'm not a movie critic, but I do have an opinion and frankly, I don't think this movie was the 'best ever',  Oh, it was good alright, and my grandson and I both enjoyed it, there were even a few surprises.  Like the handsome prince was not the good guy, the princess was not the heroine and they did not live happily ever after.  I personally felt the story line was pretty unbelievable and weak; and there were times I wanted to 'move things along', finally, the special effects were...well, been there, done that, over and over and over.

And as for the song Let It Go, and the accolades it got...I don't get it? It was okay, but apparently I missed something because I thought the song Fixer Upper was a much, much better song.  The lyrics were great, upbeat and encouraging, pointing out we are all flawed, but that with just a little time and effort we can be (although not perfect) the snappiest, shiniest car on the used car lot.

As for the characters, as good as they all were, it was not the humans that 'stole the show'.  I have to confess my absolute favorites were first and foremost Olaf the snowman, followed by Sven the reindeer, and the group of roll around rocks that turn out to be Trolls who end up singing my favorite song "Fixer Upper".

I was happy the bad guy finally had to pay his dues, that the sisters reunited in love, that there was a 'happily every after', and that Olaf was unbelievably able to survive thanks to his very own perpetual cloud of snow. There you have it my long overdue review of a very popular animated feature film.  Okay, give it your best shot...I can take it...I know this blog is not going to make people very happy.  Just remember, I've a lot of flaws but I am... A FIXER UPPER.

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