Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is it about the food, or about the time

Time to get back into the groove.  Had a great eating visit over the weekend with my sister, we had food spilling out our ears, because not only had I ordered groceries, dear sister brought food with her.  My fridges were stuffed to the gills.  Not only were the refrigerators stuffed, I had forgotten what it's like to 'stuff oneself' as well. Whoa doggies!!!  Friday night was pizza with bread sticks, pasta, chicken wings and a malt, fruit flavored cocktail, too.

Saturday, after shopping, for h-o-u-r-s, we went for lunch at one of those fast food places.  I can't believe I ordered a triple burger, an extra order of fries, and a strawberry sundae.  Even more, I can't believe I ate the whole thing...well, except for the sundae.

Dinner Saturday is a blur...I've not idea what the heck I ate, but I do know it was my sister's birthday, and while we were watching movies during the evening, we had mixed berry pie and our sundaes purchased earlier in the day for dessert.  Before going to bed I sneaked off to the bathroom and devoured several tummy 'settling' tablets.

Come Sunday morning I was still blown up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon. I almost swore I would never eat again.  But then, the Indy 500 Race started, and before long I wanted food...so, my sister and I put out 'snacks'...well, it was more like a picnic, with salads, cheeses, meat, and chips with dips and munching began. Oh, yeah.

Now, you have to remember the refrigerators.  Although we had managed to eat quite a bit of the food, mucho, mucho, mucho, remained.  And, as my sister was getting ready to head for home, I tried to get her to take some of the stuff home with her.  Considering she had hauled some of it  from there she had no desire to haul it back, so as a result, I've mucho, mucho, mucho stuff left to eat.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's just I hope I can finish all of it without getting too fat to waddle to the kitchen.  LOL.

Thank goodness for freezers, because quite a bit of the goodies are already in them, like the left-over pizza and pasta for example, and the cakes...oh, did I forget to mention them?  The pie is long gone, but there's half a carrot and lemon pudding cake in them as well as a containers of breakfast muffins and pastries. You'd have thought I was expecting half the National Military Corps instead of one birthday celebrating sister as company.

But, really the weekend wasn't about the food it was about spending time with family.  Hanging out, catching up, shopping, relaxing, enjoying company.  It was great, and I wish we could do it more often.  Thank goodness for the Internet, and the telephone at least it's easy to keep in touch through those mediums.  You never know what's going to happen 'just around the bend', so we have to make the best of every opportunity that come our way and make the most of it.

So, though there were not enough hours in the weekend, thanks sister for the good times, good times.

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