Thursday, May 22, 2014

I swear...

...I don't know what comes over me.

Yesterday, after Bible Study, my study partner and I went to Happy Hour.  It was a lovely afternoon so we chose a restaurant that had outdoor seating.  It was lovely, overlooking a lake.  Our table had a huge black umbrella that shaded the table and us quite nicely.

Our waiter was as handsome young man that I imagined was working his way through college.  He was very personable, and of course asked we wanted to start with a libation.  Are you kidding me?  Of course we both said yes.  I think my companion ordered a Lemon Drop, or something fancy like that.  I asked if the bar stocked a Rye Whiskey.  He said he would check...believe it or not some bars do not stock Rye.  He came back and announced they did have Rye.  I ordered a double on the rocks.

He came back with the Lemon Drop and a single shot of Rye for me and said he would return with my second shot soon.  What the heck?  A bar that runs out of booze.  This stuck us funny, and we had a good chuckle over this.  We envisioned our bar tender sending somebody out the door and around the bend to the closest state run liquor store.  

In the meantime we ordered our meals and started enjoying our drinks.  My friend had crab cakes and salad; I (on the other hand) ordered three hamburger shooters and a side order of fries.  Eventually my second shot or Rye arrived. 

We sat and chatted for quite some time.  Soon, our waiter returned with the check. We still had some drink left and I asked to see the dessert menu.  He was about to leave, when... (And I swear I don't know what comes over me) I said.  "Hey, I'm an old lady who's going to turn 80 in a couple of years, are you brave enough to 'surprise me' with a dessert?"  

This kind of threw him for a loop and he sputtered for a bit.  Then my companion said, "Why don't you ask her some questions about what she likes."  He did, then turned and left.  I asked him to make it to go.  After a while, a new waiter brings my dessert, on a plate, with two forks.  It was supposed to be to go, right? And, they offered to take it back and box it but I said "never mind, we'll eat it here", which we did.  

His surprise was a delicious piece of Key Lime Pie with a mountain...I'm talking mountain of whipped cream. It was amazing, it was huge, and between the two of us only a tiny bite of graham cracker crust was left.  It's a good thing I don't eat out often; those desserts would kill me.  

As we were walking to the car, I said to my companion that I don't know what comes over me, that I do such ridiculous things like ask my waiter to surprise me with dessert.  But, I'm sure glad I did, because, upon reflection I don't believe I've ever had a whole piece of Key Lime Pie.  I think I might have had a 'taste' of somebody else's piece of pie, but never one of my own.  Man, I've been missing out.

Anyway, I just might make this a habit when I dine out, imagine all the sweet, delicious desserts I'm going to have I might never try by choosing it on my own.  

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