Thursday, June 19, 2014

Here's what I think.

Bear with me.  I'm going to ramble.  And, I realized I'm being insane, at my age I guess I'm okay with that.

Here's what I think.

The President of the United States should call together both houses of the legislature and announce an immediate (right now) withdrawal of all military troops and diplomatic personnel from the Middle East.  I'm talking starting immediately.  Not tomorrow, not next week, month or year.  But now.

It is obvious to me the Middle East does not want us there for humanitarian reasons, but simply for the billions of dollars we've already spent, and for the billions more we are (apparently-my opinion) ready to spend again by starting up military action once more.  How many more men and women of the military are going to be maimed and killed (when-my opinion) they are sent into action (again) before we realize no amount of money makes this kind of action worth the loss of more precious, American lives?

Now, don't tell me the President can't call a meeting.  Presidents have done stuff behind closed doors since (I'm beginning to think -my opinion) President Washington was in office.  At least, even though the legislators will not be able to stop the President, they will not be able to gripe at 'being in the dark', and 'out of the loop' with the President's decision.

Yeah, yeah, I know (here the biggest argument for our intervention) there's billions of barrels of oil in the Middle East, we're greedy, we want them, we think we need them (my opinion).  However, don't you think the cost of those billions of barrels of oil is too steep for us to continue to lose lives, military equipment, and the reputation of our country at large to continue to be greedy about them.  I (my opinion) do.

This is a golden opportunity to prove the good ole' USA still has initiative, fortitude, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and down right imagination to stand alone, on it's own two feet, with the same courage this country had at its inception.  Come on people, let's get our thinking caps on and find alternative sources for all the things the USA feels it needs to import, and become self-reliant again.

I think it's time to pull Americans noses out of their electronic devices, create jobs, and put those noses behind desks, into conferences, in think tanks and come up with ideas to make America a productive nation once more. We can and should band together and pull this country up by the boot-straps...before it's too late.

It has been obvious to me for quite some time we've become nothing more than a pocketbook for the world in general.  Please, don't get me wrong, I'm sorry for the droughts, and famines, and sick and starving children. I thankful for the humanitarians that are lending helping hands around the world, I appreciate they are building homes, digging wells, and providing animals, seeds and clean water for those less fortunate the we, goodness knows, these folks don't get near the credit they deserve.

But, I think we should not stay where we are not wanted. (My opinion.)  Not long ago we fought for and freed the people of Bagdad (Baghdad), have you been watching the news?  It seems to me they going to lose everything we fought and lost lives over. Years and years of fighting, for what?  Oil?  Democracy for the common folk of the Middle East?  Did, do they really want that?

Please, Mr a meeting, If YOU have the power to send the troops in, you have the power to bring them out.  This goes for all diplomatic personnel as well.  Bring our people home, now! As for private companies and their is up to them to make the choice to bring their people their expense; if they choose to stay, it is at their risk, not our government.

Okay, I'm done.  Do I feel better, not really, I know this is all a cock-a-mammie, pipe dream.  Truth is, lives will be lost, billions of dollars will be spent, Iraq will become a country in deep despair and in the end we will have accomplished nothing.

Sigh, I'm sad. I know the majority of you disagree with everything I've written here, and thank goodness you still have the right to do that.  However, and before it's too late, thank goodness, I still have the right to write it.

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