Sunday, November 9, 2014

This one is for my grand, great-grand children


It is YOU who will hold yourself back from becoming what you want to be.

Whether you achieve greatness in the field of your choice, YOU are responsible for reaching that goal.

Not going to college does not mean you cannot reach your goal, as the old adage states, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" do what you have to do to get the job done. There is no shame in OTJ training.

Do you have to get your hands dirty?  I don't care, many great men and women have done exactly that.

Do you have to work, two or three jobs for some period of time?  So be it.  Just ask any doctor and/or his/her partner in life, that is not an easy road.

Do you have to spend years paying off student loans?  Well, joint the club, you are not alone and you are in darn good company.

Do you want to be famous?  Ask any entertainer how many years they had to sip ketchup soup and munch ketchup sandwiches, there are often years of disappointment before 'discovery' and fame.

There will always be setbacks, apprehensions and misgivings about your choices. Just remember the 'stock' from which you came; it is strong and sturdy, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  It all depends on how hard YOU want to work for it.

Now, please understand, I don't expect Nobel Prize winners...although that is well within YOUR grasp. I simply want you to achieve whatever goal it is YOU have in mind for yourselves.  Doctor, Lawyer, Housewife, Mother, Father, Teacher, Judge, Manager, Truck Driver, Construction Worker. The label does not matter.  What does, is what you do 'with' the label...the best you can.

A doctor can open a small town practice, a mother can raise up a child of honor, a construction worker can start his own company, a manager can open her own boutique, everything is within your reach.

Just remember, I will be always be proud of each of your achievements, and that...


Start where you are
With what you have,
Make something of it.

Never be satisfied.

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