Monday, August 5, 2013

Dang it!

So, I was watching TV this morning, and I happened to see a commercial from one of the leading brands of toilet tissue.  Only they were not advertising the softness of the tissue itself, but something new "Adult wipes".  Oh, yeah, there they were in a mall (I think) getting people to take the wipes with them to the Ladies Lounges, to give them a try.

These women emerged from the lounges, all happy, grinning ear to ear, sooo
delighted they had discovered the secret to feeling fresh, and smelling good.

They were asked if they would they carry these miraculous things in their purses and would they use them on a regular basis?  Ohhhhh, the wonderful words they had for these newly invented moist, pieces of paper mixed with whatever they are mixed with.  Platitudes abounded.

I suppose I should have been as amazed as all the women who tried this product for the first time.  I was not.

You know how you have said to yourself over the years.  "Well, there goes MY million dollar idea down the drain?  Well, guess what, for more years than I can remember I've been using Baby Wipes to do exactly the same thing.  Granted, I'm sure my baby wipes don't smell as pretty as the famous name brand toilet tissue wipes do...but MY wipes do exactly the same thing, and I'm sure for a lot less money. 

Anyway, if only, all those years ago I'd have send off letters to all those companies that line all those shelves, in all those grocery stores, with all those toilet tissues, and told them I had an idea that could make them and me a bazillion dollars.  I could be traveling around in my own Lear Jet by now. 

Dang it!

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