Friday, August 2, 2013

Time and time again

They're at it again.  I don't know what comes over my furry, four legged, friends, but every once in a while they go through a phase where they think they are going to be in charge of when we get up.

This morning light was barely seeping through my years old drapes when CC jumps onto my chest, waking me out of a sound sleep.  (I pretend I'm not disturbed, and lie very, very still).  She gives her familiar, friendly growl and begins to knead on the blanket inching closer and closer to my face until at last one of her paws (by accident-HA!) hits flesh, and I wince in pain.  Dang her! 

Of course by now Zorro has been disturbed and is trying to find his way out from under the blankets.  Some mornings that takes quite a while, unless I help.  This morning I'm annoyed enough I let him work it out for himself. 

CC has settled in, Zorro is stretching and yawning.  I ignore him, too.

After a while he comes to grips with the fact I'm not getting up and he reluctantly nestles close to my face.

I pretend I'm still asleep.  Although I know I'm eventually going to have to move, when my leg cramp becomes sooo bad, the pain is about to take off the top of my head. 

I move, of course that annoys CC who growls again and in a snit leaves the bed.  Zorro paws on my exposed arm.  Dang it.

I'm not getting up, I'm not getting up, I'm not.  It is only 5:30.  I roll over on my left side and feign sleep. 

This nonsense goes on until 5:50.  I'm starting to get exhausted and I'm not even out of bed yet.  Aaaarrrrgggguuuuhhhhh!

Okay, okay, I know I'm a bad parent, I give in and get up.  I should be in charge, I'm not, at least not this morning.   Maybe tomorrow I'll have more spunk, patience, and all around resolve.  I will throw the blankets up over my head and firmly tell my furry friends: "I'M NOT GETTING UP TILL 7 O'CLOCK...DEAL WITH IT."

Of course, I have to deal with Frankie, too.  She's about due for an 'up and at 'em'
day.  Yep, just about the time I get CC and Zorro back on track, Frankie's gonna'
want to get up early. 

Shuck-y darn.

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