Saturday, August 31, 2013

How hard can it be?

Okay, I have to confess, I was kind of an ugly person yesterday.

I've been working on a project for my store.  Been making beer mugs in the colors of all the professional football teams.  Because everything related to them is copyrighted and trademarked all I can do is use stock pictures of football players, and colors as close as my computer can generate. 

So, when I was coming down to the end of my creativity, I started counting completed mugs I had in my store and ready for sale, and the pictures in my Publisher Program, from which I generated my illustrations.  They didn't match. 

Twenty six compared to twenty nine...thirty compared to twenty nine...twenty seven compared to twenty six.  No matter how I tried to figure it out I could not.  Seriously, I was in a state.

Frankie was ready to pack her bags and leave the house.  She even threatened to take the dog and cat. 

All I could do was mumble.  I was switching back and forth between my store and my Publisher Program trying to figure out which was correct, the illustrations in my store, or the ones in Publisher.

So much for Lumosity and common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a revelation.

Why not print out the illustrations in my Publisher Program, and all the illustrations in my store, and also all the completed mugs ready for sale.  That way I could make side by side comparisons rather than bouncing back and forth, back and forth between store and program.

Well, DAH!

Now, all this took time, most of the day actually, and that got Frankie into a real
snit.  She pouted, she sighed, she stomped around.  She even had to fend for herself when it came time to eat.  I finally remembered to do so somewhere between four and five.

Anyway.  Once I had printed out pictures of the actual completed mugs, the illustrations in the store, and the ones in Publisher, I began to cut and paste them side by side on the same piece of paper.  It took a long, long time, and that was only half my battle.  After that I had to check which pictures didn't have mates.  Ah ha! 

Apparently, when I transferred the illustrations from Publisher to the store, I neglected to keep some copies in Publisher, and one of the illustrations was in the store twice.  Do you realize just how closely the teams colors match each other?  And, how difficult it is to have a distinction between them?  It's been a tough week.

I finally got all the illustrations matched up, and as my day was winding down, I began to delete the extras.  It was scary, because Frankie was at my elbow, shaking my confidence that I was going to delete something in reality I wanted to save, and save something I really wanted to delete.

We almost came to blows.

Is there a good side to this story?  Yes, there is.  I think in a few more days I can finish this project and move on to making stickers for my store.


I ordered groceries this week, and there's lots of good stuff in the house to eat.  Frankie and I are going to 'pork out'.  Better yet, I bought beer...our's goin'a be a good holiday weekend.

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