Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New York, New York

I don't know what the heck is wrong with me.  Ever since I saw the commercial by some company offering to pay for a trip to anywhere you want to go, I've not been able to think about much else.

There's a hook of course.  According to the commercial, you have to leave "right now".  Apparently you don't even have time to pack.  I guess you go to the airport and take off to your chosen destination on the earliest flight.

The guy in the commercial ends up in China.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, where would I go.

Wales comes to mind, but I don't have a passport, so I'm limited to places in the United States.  Then again, that would limit people even if they had a passport, because I don't think people carry them on their person all the time.  Hmmm.  And, as far as I know this crazy country does not require us to do so...think of all the people who are here illegally...just sayin'.

Anyway, I think we all know where I would go.  New York City.  Yep, that's where I would go.  The only thing is, would I be brave enough to take a cab to the airport, hop a jet and simply take off.

For instance, what would I do about Zorro and CC? 

What would such an action have on my anxiety? 

I have to say, I'm very torn.  If I was thirty, (single, foot loose and fancy free) I'd be on that plane so fast, your head would swim.

If I was forty, I'd be moving a bit slower, and I would probably think about 'packing a bag' first.  Still, I would be on that plane in a flash.

Fifty...I'm sure I would have doubts, am I crazy, what would people think?  Am I nuts...well, I am...but still to just pick up and go?  I've friends and neighbors who would look after things at home, and I would go.

If I was sixty.  I wouldn't go.  I know, I wouldn't go.  I would have all kinds of excuses why.  The house, the pets, the responsibilities, and on and on and on.  Actually it would all boil down to the fact I was old, scared, and uncomfortable with change.

Now, I'm in my seventies, and even with all my ailments, all my insecurities...the fact I would actually be in New York City, standing in Times Square is tempting, very, very tempting.  Picture me, waving to the world from the 'crowd camera' and tossing my hat into the air like Mary Tyler Moore did in her TV show so many, many years ago. 

I wonder how long this crazy trip would last?  Could I see some plays, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, take a cab from Soho all the way to Inwood Hill Park?  Go to the top of the Empire State Building?  See Naked Cowboy and the guy who dresses up like the Statue of Liberty?

Could New York City handle me?

I'd love to find out, I wish I was thirty again.

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