Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, color me stupid.

I forgot to write a blog for today.

It's probably just as well, it was a pretty dull day around here.  I did finish watering the back yard, and will be so glad not to have to do that anymore this year.  Boring, boring, boring.  I'm trying desperately not to kill any of the plants, I wish they would all get that 'wilty' look at the same time, rather than one here, another there.  I suppose I could use my sprinkling can and water 'wilty' ones only.  Seriously, can you see me doing that?  You're right of course, I would not do that.  Although dragging a hose around is boring...watering plants with my sprinkling can requires waaay too much effort and work.

Oh the bright side, you will never guess who showed up this morning in the coop.  Yep, good ole Florence.  I've no idea where she's been, but she looks great.  If she's been in the coop all along, I must have just been missing her appearances at the feed and water stations.  But, I check on them a lot so you would think I'd have caught a small glimpse of her once in a while. Of course, there are quite a few places a wayward chicken could hide on that chunk of property, (like under the shed, or their huge deck) and that could very well be where she's been, regardless, I think I'm going to stop worrying about her.  She seems to be the smartest one of the bunch.

Also, the crickets are back.  I heard them for the first time tonight.  Last year there did not seem to be many, but this evening their concert is astounding.  The music coming from all across the back tree line area of the neighborhood, so pretty.  I think you can buy live ones at pet stores, so maybe some kid has/had a creature that was eating them and some of the crickets escaped.  I'm glad, whatever the reason they are so abundant this year as they are providing perfect, perfect summer entertainment.

I do miss fireflies, though.  We had them every summer come August twilight in Pennsylvania.  It was so magical to see them flying, drifting, fairy-like over a newly mowed field.  Blink, blink, blink.  We would catch them by the jar full, then let them go when we were called home at bedtime.  I remember sometimes, if your timing was good, you could wait until one blinked, and before it went out, you could take your thumb nail and snip their back end off and put it on your finger.  It would glow like a diamond for quite a while.  Of course, looking back on that now I realize how cruel that was, and would never do that today. 

I remember my dad's corn patch, he would plant four or maybe five rows.  They were a good place to hide when it came to our nightly games of hide and seek.  About this time of year, the stocks would begin to dry, I loved the paper crinkling noise they made as I would run through them, or on a breezy day the sound they made when the wind would rustle through them. 

Oh, and the blueberries, dad had bought several blueberry bushes, and this was the time of year they started to ripen.  I don't know what the particular species was he bought, but they would get so big, and so sweet, I, for one, would eat them like candy.  Blueberries are still my favorite fruit to this day. 

Well, look at that, for a lady who had a dull day, I seem to have managed to pretty much fill up a page of youthful exuberance and memories.  

Actually this is pretty much the time of year that brings on my melancholy; perhaps because twilight comes, minute by minute, sooner and sooner.   Or maybe it's because summer vacation is winding down and school is about to begin. Then, it might be because my childhood memories wash over me like the ocean evening tide.

I think I'm going to go find Frankie, this would be a good time for us to step outside, one more time before we retire...I've simply got to listen to the music one more time.

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