Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Like Sands through an hour glass,

There are simply not enough hours in the day.

My house could use a really, r-e-a-l-l-y, REALLY good cleaning.  This morning Frankie wrote a whole epistle on one of the tables in the living room,  which is something she will spend time doing, although to spend the same amount of time flinging a rag about appears to be out of the question.

As for vacuuming, that will be happening tomorrow morning since I have Bible study in the afternoon, and I don't want my study partner to think I am a total slob.  Which, of course, I am.  Well, I'm not a slob, because reality is I am neat and tidy; it's just I simply don't care and don't even see the dust any more, and when dog and cat fur begin to make me sneeze I will haul the vacuum out of the closet and do that.  Although...and this is really ha, ha funny...while my vacuum will quickly suck up mysterious things and make a terrible noise while doing so, it also has a tornado type exhaust that has been known to blow kitchen towels off their racks, and stir up a dust ball to equal that of the little guy Pig Pen, from the old Peanuts comic strip. 

And that of course, has settled once and for all, does a person dust first and then vacuum or vacuum first and then dust. 

My house companions have come to grips with the fact I no longer care about household chores and would much rather spend my daily precious hours being creative rather than let's say cook, dust, vacuum, wash windows, load and unload the dishwasher.  This became quite clear yesterday when I got a call from some guy wanting to speak to who ever was in charge of hiring for Gues Who Original Publications.  (Oh, I did want to laugh...but I didn't, realizing this guy was really serious.)  So, I politely said we didn't need anybody at the current time (or words to that effect), and hung up.

Frankie jumped all over that.  'Maybe I should hire somebody...to work for the company...that would free up my time for more important matters.'

Me:  "What matters?"
Frankie:  (Greatly frustrated) "Cooking, dusting, vacuuming..."
Me:  (Tuning out, and in my head)  "....yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah...blah."
Frankie:  "Are you listening to me?"
Me:  "Of course, Frankie, of course."  Meanwhile in my head I'm thinking about last night's season finale of Top Gear."

So, we have a long talk, if  I was going to hire somebody it would be to look after and take care of the house.  I even offered to pay Frankie to do it.  But, since she is a figment of my imagination we all know where this conversation ended. 

Somehow I have got to learn to let go of the guilt I have for no longer caring about mundane household drudgery.  Oh, that dang, nab, guilt.  Thanks, mom.  She had a day for everything.  Monday was laundry day, Tuesday was ironing day, Friday was clean the house day.  There was spring house cleaning, curtains and drapes were pulled from the windows and laundered. Bedding was laundered right down to the mattress.  Windows washed inside and out.  Every nook, every cranny had to be spit shined.  Then the same thing happened in the fall...I tell ya...it was the twice a year nightmare straight from you know where. 

I used to do that spring and fall house cleaning crap myself, for years and years.  Then the kids grew up and left the nest and I didn't work so hard any more.  Then my husband retired, and I did even less.   Then in 2002 he passed away...and that was the beginning of the end as far as cleaning went.  Oh, for several years I had a girl who came and cleaned every Friday...it was wonderful...but, all good things must come to an end and when the bottom fell out of my security basket...enough said about that, I guess.

Anyway.  I think I've finally got my priorities straight.

1.  I only get to go this way once, so
2.  I want to smell the roses, home baked chocolate chip cookies (provided I don't have to bake them), and after rain fresh air.
3.  I want to spend my time enjoying and exploring my passions.
4.  I want to love everything and everybody.
5.  I want to explore, travel, learn, thank you Internet.
6.  I want to eat.  Desserts.
7.  I want to laugh at life, jokes and even myself.
8.  I want to create and let my mind wander into secret, colorful, fanciful places.





1,000.  I want to cook.
1,001.  I want to dust.
1,002.  I want to vacuum.
1,003.  I want to wash windows.
1,004.  I want to etc, etc, etc, every other yucky job in the world.

Come on Frankie, "Letitgo!  Come over to my world...you're gonna love it.  I promise."

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