Sunday, August 18, 2013

Men, men, men.

Today I want to talk about men.  Well, not men in general, but some men of a certain group, and one man in particular.

Ladies, does this sound familiar.  "I want you to understand up front, if we start to go out, I'm NOT GETTING MARRIED AGAIN."  I had someone tell me yesterday some guy had recently said that to her. 

What????????  Listen up Buddy!

What gall you have to think you're so special that's why women to go out with you.  To lure you in with demure smiles, seductive talk, and sex so that in a moment of weakness, you say those four little words.  "Will you marry me."

Puuuuuuease!  This is 2013, get a grip.  Like we want to spend our time doing your laundry and cleaning up, after you have used the bathroom.  You are aware your stuff goes everywhere aren't you?  And, cook your meals and have them ready at a specific time? Listen up, Buddy, that ain't gonna happen. 

In other words, BUDDY, you're not that great a catch.  We don't even want ya.

Get over yourself.

Now I do realize there are women out there that do have agendas.  They will bat their eyes, get the 'vapers', and act all defenseless and helpless.  Maybe that's the kind of women you've had in your life and, maybe they have turned out to be the total opposite once you put your ring on their finger.  Who's fault is that?  Mine?  I don't think so.  Perhaps you should rethink your choices, and why you are making them.

Today's women are self sufficient and we can and do make our way in the world on our own, by ourselves.  WE DON'T NEED YOU.  We can actually do 'guy' things.  I've done plenty of them over the years and I'm proud of it.  We can change a tire and the oil in our cars.  We can climb ladders, turn a screwdriver, and pound a nail.  We can lift, tote, carry and if an object is to heavy, we can sit on the floor and push the object to where we want it to be.

Why can't you understand that perhaps, we just want to have an evening of
pleasant conversation, a nice meal, in a moderately priced restaurant, and a
cocktail or two.  Maybe we could take in a play, or a movie, or visit museums
and local points of interest.  That's all, no more, even less would be okay.

So, Buddy, get off you high horse, get a grip, you are not "God's gift to women."
Whatever your 'baggage" is, don't worry, we won't lift, tote, carry or push it anywhere, we don't want it.  Plus, I for one, figure there's nothing in your baggage but dirty laundry anyway.  There's a Laundr-A-Mat a couple of blocks down.

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